Liver of lamb

On my way back from university the other day, I was walking through one of the main shopping districts of Cambridge, near The Grafton (which used to be called ‘The Grafton Centre’ but was modernised, I presume). I walked past a butcher, looking longingly at the meat in the window. About ten paces later, I’d turned around to go back and get something. This something was liver – I always love it in a restaurant, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. The butcher, called Andrews, had pig liver and lamb liver, and I chose the latter, as there was very much less of it, which I assumed meant it tasted better, the butcher presumably having sold more of it earlier. 245g (or roughly ten ounces) cost 68 pence and bought me enough for two large meals. I can’t understand how this amazingly delicious stuff doesn’t cost more!

To prepare the liver, I coated it with salt and pepper-infused flour. To eat with it, I softened some diced onions in an olive oil and butter frying pan, then added some balsamic vinegar and reduced. To this, I added pine nuts and alongside I had peas. The liver was fried only briefly, to maintain its fluffy inner texture. It was pretty good, and any student on a budget ought to take note of this massively cheap source of highly nutritious and delicious food – in a restaurant, you often pay the highest prices for it!

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