Lime and soda, with a twist

vodka-lime-sodaBack when I wasn’t drinking for a few months, I often enjoyed a pint of lime cordial with soda water. The price varied massively from place to place, as documented in previous posts. However, whilst drinking, a very low-calorie and similar drink is made by simply adding vodka to the mix. Obviously one doesn’t order it in pint-sized versions – it’s more often the same size as a double gin and tonic. But if you’re trying to lose weight but still want to enjoy a boozy night out with friends, then this is a pretty good option. (Avoid high-calorie stuff like beer and cider, the latter of which is more calorific, apparently.) Note that it’s soda, not lemonade, and make sure the bar tender doesn’t charge you for lemonade by mistake, as it’s almost always a lot more expensive.

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