The Lower Buck

Well, it’s that time of year again – I’ve gone up to t’North to spend some time at the family seat. Before meeting them, however, I stopped off on the way to join some ex-Sixth-Form friends from my mathematics group. We always enjoy seeing each other again, and it’s made all the more special because we invite along the mathematics teacher we had back then, to whom three of us largely attribute our successes in getting into Cambridge University.

We met at The Lower Buck, in Waddington. I chose the Christmas menu, which was excellent. I started with the duck and chicken terrine, which came with some amazingly good toasted brown bread – full of seeds and wholemeal excellence. There was also an excellent onion relish. I had a pint of the ale my ex-teacher recommended and forgot to ask the name. It was pretty good, though – light and smooth.

For the main course, I delighted in a plateful of largely roast vegetables, including some very cleverly done roast potatoes, with magnificently brown and crispy bits around the majority, with a gravy-soaked, slightly chewy bottom, and fluffy, light potato inside. On top of this magnificent selection, which also included mange-tout and carrots, were two large slices of wild boar. They were particularly spectacular because of the thin piece of crackling along the side. The gravy finished it all off beautifully, and I couldn’t finish.

Whilst my friends delighted in desserts such as sticky toffee pudding, I enjoyed a glass of Taylor’s vintage 2002 port. There was a lot of snow outside, it being slightly higher in altitude than most parts of the north, with drifts up to a foot and a half, but I managed, in a borrowed 4×4 to get home, up the hill, thanks to parental control at the wheel.

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