Scotch eggs

scotch eggs
The Hairy Bakers made ‘scotch eggs’ the other day. They explained that the origin of the name has nothing to do with Scotland, but from the verb, meaning ‘to cut’. That’s certainly something I’d never known before. They cook their egg for five minutes, then plunge it in icy water to stop the cooking, as there will be more cookery later. I’m sure cold water from the tap will suffice.

They take sausage meat, and in their case, from their favourite sausages, squeezed out. Their peeled, partly-cooked egg is dusted with flour and then wrapped in a layer of the sausage meat. Because they want it particularly crispy, they then do a double-dip, after flouring the outside of the current stage, with beaten egg, then breadcrumbs, each time in turn. These are then deep-fried in relatively cool oil, quite slowly, so as to cook throughout, as they are, by this time, quite bulky.

It sounds magnificent, and their selection of spices they added to the meat made it sound even more so, especially as I got a selection of whole nutmegs and a mini-grater for Christmas, which I’ll certainly be adding to my version of this, once I’ve done the shopping…

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