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Again in Cambridge, this time we started with a shared plate of chargrilled ciabatta which had been rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with tomatoes, basil and creamy ricotta. Perfectly, it came with two pieces of said description, which made life somewhat easier.


For the main course, I had the beef carpaccio and rocket salad (see above), which, I have to say, was magnificent. The beef couldn’t have been thinner without not existing (well, nearly…) and the stuff in the rocket salad went extremely well together, along with the right intensity and quantity of dressing.


My dining companion had the South Coast ‘fritto misto’ (see picture above) which was crispy fresh fish, using (as Jamie says on his menu) the fish we ‘should’ be eating, which was served with a zesty tartare sauce and a slice of these things called ‘Amalfi lemons’ which I must investigate at a later date.


Because of the rather long wait, despite arriving just after 7pm, we went to the bar first and enjoyed some excellent dry rosé (in my case) and second some not particularly good sweet rosé, but we didn’t send it back because they’re new and were extremely busy. With the meal, we drank the wine in the above picture, which was called ‘Barbera d’Asti Ca’ del Matt’, and stood good ground at 13.5%. It was from 2003, and yet surprisingly cheap for a restaurant, at £18.40 for the bottle. It was relatively soft, but with the odd undercurrant (pun) of smokiness and a rounded finish which satisfied our tastes nicely. Definitely going back, but next time won’t bother with a drink elsewhere first; we’ll just have one at the bar whilst we wait for our table. (They don’t take bookings.)

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