Excellent omelette

Being rather hungry, I thought I’d make an omelette. There’s no picture, as it looked like any other omelette. What I didn’t expect was the amazing flavour of it (even if I do say so myself). Firstly, I chopped a tomato into small pieces and fried them until they were very soft. In the meantime, to a bowl, to two eggs I added a splash of milk, freshly-ground, black pepper and salt to my tastes (which I know from previous attempts), some sliced and chopped smoked ham, grated medium-strength cheddar and about one-fiftieth of a freshly-grated nutmeg. This I then mixed together, being sure that the yolks broke and mixed well, and I added it to the tomatoes in the pan. I mixed the ingredients again to blend the tomatoes throughout and cooked it on a low heat for about seven minutes, stirring once in the meantime, about half-way through, as my pan was a deep one (because I don’t own a non-stick shallow frying pan). When I served it, I put alongside three silver pickled onions (those small ones) and enjoyed it whilst watching the 1pm news. It was excellent, and thanks to the nutmeg, left such an excellent taste in my mouth that I’ll certainly use nutmeg again next time I make an omelette!

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