Amalfi lemons


As I said I would, I investigated Amalfi lemons. They’re lemons from Amalfi, and said to contain high oil levels, a nice ‘nipple’ on the end and generally at least 100g when ready for picking.

One site about them said, ‘it also cures hiccups.’ I doubt it. The site also said, ‘[it cures] dandruff.’ I doubt it. They even said, ‘[it cures] halitosis.’ Well, you can guess my opinion given the pattern. I don’t doubt, however, that it would get rid of cabbage smells in the kitchen, as most citrus fruits, when wiped on surfaces or hands, have excellent cleaning properties that often completely remove other smells, leaving your hands citrus-fresh! But then remember to moisturise. The claim that they make your shoes shiny if you wipe them over before a polish is something I’m not sure about – I don’t even know if they mean the skin or the pulp.

I think I’ll stick to my normal lemons, and if they happen to be Amalfi ones, so be it, but I’m not going to be too concerned…

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