A soju sojourn

On a recent trip to Koba, an excellent Korean restaurant in Bloomsbury, I tried an alcohol that had previously never passed my lips. Soju is a clear alcohol of around 20% ABV made, on this occasion, from sweet potatoes.

At first sight and taste, one could think it to be vodka. Served in shot glasses, it is clear, crisp and like vodka lacking in flavour. After reflection though, it is slightly sweeter than voska, arguably drier, with possibly a faint aftertaste of vanilla.

On my next visit, it is unlikely I’ll order it again – much better to opt for some plum wine – but I am keen to get hold of a bottle or two. Soju, I am certain, would make an excellent base for less alcoholic Martini than vodka or gin. Google tells me I’m not first to come up with this idea.