The steaks were high


I make a mean steak. So when a friend suggested that he could outdo me I did the only polite thing and invited him around to cook for me. I provided the wine.

As you can see from the photo he did fine job on presentation, and let me assure you it tasted as good as it looks. The marinade was simple, butter, garlic, salt and pepper, while the potatoes had the tried and tested – but no less perfect for it – addition of rosemary.  Immediately after the steaks were cooked, the parboiled sweet stem broccoli was pan-fried in the same pan with more garlic. This was my first taste of this sweet stem variety and it certainly won’t be the last. Very tasty.

Accounting for the difficulty that he had cooking on unknown appliances, I was mightily impressed. I will need to return the favour and I had better be on top form if I am to compete. After all, pride is on the line.