Vicarious vice

bobnbonAs I’m not drinking at the moment, to keep a clear head for academic purposes, when a friend ordered a ‘Bon-Bon’ cocktail at B, Cambridge, I took the merest sip, to taste, as it was a new cocktail to me. The flavour was quite remarkable – mostly marzipan, but with sweet lemon, too. Their ingredients list reads like this: ‘Stolichnaya vanilla vodka, shaken with butterscotch Schnapps, vanilla sugar and lemon juice.’ Clearly, you should be at least willing to pander to your sweet tooth before you order one, at £6.95. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and having looked it up on the Internet, I noticed that most others do it with limoncello instead, I guess, of the sugar and separate lemon juice (and, presumably adding to the alcohol content!). It was good served over ice in a short glass, and probably a good swelteringly-hot garden party drink (drunk slowly, as it packs quite a punch).