Lasting market chorizo

Every now and then I take a walk through the market in Cambridge, and this last week’s weather has been magnificent, so I went a couple of times. On one day, I was tempted to buy a chorizo sausage, so I did. Although it cost £3.75, it was quite hefty (about the size of two normal sausages, uncooked) and it lasted me through at least ten deliciously varied salads, and I even fried some of it, using the fat that ran off to add flavour to some otherwise bland bacon.

My favourite thing to do with it has been salads. One in particular stood out: three slices of chorizo, Chinese bean sprouts, Cambozola cheese (pictured), several mushrooms, spring onions and English mustard on the side. That’s the base from which I vary the salad, sometimes adding a hard-boiled egg, sometimes some lettuce or cucumber. Perhaps a bit of smoked fish. Any combination is healthy and tasty!