Dark delight

darkchocolateI walked past Hotel Chocolat whilst out getting my voicemail fixed, and was very tempted to go in and buy some aids for my academic activity. However, I then noticed the prices and decided a somewhat more special occasion was required, so instead dropped by Sainsbury’s on my way back to the bus stop.

In there, I noticed alongside the well-known brands two particularly interesting bars: one was dark chocolate, and the other milk. Each bar was 100g, and cost just 27 pence. This was the basics range. I couldn’t resist trying them out at that price, as I wouldn’t feel too bad even if I hated them.

As it turns out, both are perfectly acceptable. In fact, the dark chocolate, without a side-by-side test, was indistinguishable to my untrained tastebuds to any other I’ve had. The milk chocolate wasn’t as good as my favourite, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, lacking that distinctive flavour that I grew up with – hints of malt, cream and vanilla, but it was decent chocolate. Given that another chocolate, Milky Bar, was also 100g but cost £1, I know how I’m going to shop in the future (given how little of the stuff I eat).