Celebration Champers

IMG007It was a warm and busy day in Cambridge. We actually had to move from two different establishments before we found a table big enough for the six of us. We eventually settled at The Eagle, in one of their nicely wood-panelled rooms. In celebration of (most of) us finishing exams, we managed to get through three bottles of an excellent newbie (as far as I’ve noticed). Its name is Duc de Roucher – no prizes for guessing the translation. It was a standard 12.5%, and we had an entertaining time opening the first (minor spillage, by an ‘expert’).

The nose had chocolate, violets, a hint of lemon and was generally creamy. The body had relatively large bubbles for a real Champagne, although it kept the fizz well throughout. There was the standard biscuit flavour and quite a tangy edge to it. The finish had a firm acid, and left us pretty well satisfied. Thanks went to our gracious host, in and around some entertaining debates ranging from the standard political issues right through to metaphysical theological nonsense (although I think we got there by accident).