Vealy good


I like veal. There. I said it. Obviously, this makes me a terrible human being who cares not one jot for animal rights. Patently, this isn’t true: I do believe in animal rights. Animals have the right not to be tasty, and in that case I won’t eat them.

Flippancy aside, I do like veal, and it’s pleasing to see it is undergoing something of a rehabilitation. Rose veal is reared in the UK in line with the RSPCA’s Freedom Food guidelines, and hence removes the ethical issues some people have with veal. It’s slaughtered at an older age and the animals given more freedom; the meat has a light pink colour. This particular veal came minced from M&S.

I made it into meat balls – just veal, sage, bread crumbs, and egg this time. Finely chopped onion would be a good addition, but my dining companion has a slight intolerance to them so I opted to err on the side of caution and omit them. They baked in about 20 minutes at gas mark 7. I served them on a bed of spaghetti (what a stupid phrase that is) with a simple lemon sauce: butter, flour, milk, and the juice of a lemon slowly heated with plenty of stirring till it becomes a thick sauce. The verdict? Excellent.

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