Call me two-brace


I swung by Cambridge’s market late on Saturday afternoon, and decided to buy a brace of pheasants – £7 – from the butcher. It being late, though, he offered both his remaining braces for £10. How could I refuse?

Three went in the freezer, one went in to be roasted for Sunday dinner. It had about 30 minutes on gas mark 7, and I roasted a large parsnip (in wedges) alongside (giving the parsnips a twenty-minute head-start.) It was a big parsnip, so no potatoes needed. Alongside the leg and breast meat and parsnip, I had some sprouts (I love sprouts) and a few good spoonfuls of Fortnum’s redcurrant savour. Excellent. There’s plenty of left over meat (surprisingly, for such a small bird) and the carcass is in the freezer. When I’ve cooked the other three, there’ll be enough bones to make a stock.

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