Pheasant in a cream sauce


It had been a long day in the Lab, and I wanted something low effort for dinner. So, I peeled and boiled some potatoes and whilst they were cooking started to heat through some of the leftovers my latest roast pheasant – in this case, the scrappy-looking bits of meat pulled from the carcass. Into the pan, on a low heat, went some cream (er, whipping cream in this case as that’s what was in the fridge!) along with a spoonful of redcurrant savour. When it was warmed through and combined, I served it straight away – try not to let the cream boil too much…

I’d actually mashed the potatoes without any milk, leaving them stiff and dry – perfect for soaking up the creamy sauce. The fruitiness of the added savour helped to lessen the richness of the cream and the whole sauce took away any dryness that there may have been in the scraps of pheasant. Excellent.

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