Cottage pie


There is a simple and humble pleasure to be found in the traditional dishes of an English autumn and/or winter; the comforting combinations – which oft consist simply of meat and potatoes are, perhaps, unparalled in their ability to warm both the soul and stomach.

Cottage pie, of course, is no different and as the nights draw in I find myself drawn more to such foods. And so it was that I took half and onion and fried it till it softened in a little oil. In then went lean beef minced to brown followed by flour, tomato puree, half a beef stock cube, water, and some Worcester Sauce. As it simmered, I drained and mashed potatoes with butter (no milk) using these to top a small-ish pyrex dish filled with the meaty mix. Gas mark 6 for about 30 minutes, and it was done. I ate about half of it, with peas, and then decided I had not the room in the fridge – nor, indeed, the inclination to reheat it another night – and ate the other half. And it was good.

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