Pumpkin “stir fry”


I was beginning to think I didn’t actually like pumpkin: I’d made two kinds of soup with it, both of which proved disappointing; I’d roasted it with other root vegetables and found it watery. I still had a quarter of a small eating pumpkin left and turned to Google for inspiration.

I hit in the end on a recipe for pumpkin stirfry, though it wasn’t really. In a pan went garlic and peppercorns that had been mashed together in a pestle and mortar, then in went the pumpkin to coat in the spicy garlic mix, followed by water and splashes of nam pla (thai fish sauce). I kept adding more water little-by-little whilst the pumpkin cooked to soften.

To serve, I fried some garlic, chopped tomatoes, and green beans before adding vegetable stock and bulgar wheat. Both dishes took about 15 minutes to cook, and worked well together. Freshly-squeexed lime juice over the top completed the meal. The pumpkin actually tasted of something for a change (and before anyone criticises, it was definitely an eating pumpkin, not an over-sized one for carving) although that taste was mostly garlic, fish sauce, and peppercorns, but it was filling and pleasant.

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