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Who amongst us can truly say that we don’t think the invention of the pie is one of the pinacles of civilisation? The delight in a crisp pastry outer, a tasty and moist filling, and that wonderous inner pastry layer where the filling has soaked into the pastry to produce a squidgy and delicious pastry/filling hybrid…

This pie was a sweet one, and was simple to prepare: I chopped plums and apples (both with skins on) and put them over a low heat with a little water, cinnamon, and ground ginger. Whilst the filling-to-be softened, I prepared the pastry: 4oz flour, 2oz cooking margarine, 1oz sugar, water to combine. I lined a shallow pie dish with a little over half the pastry, rolling the rest out to make a lid. In then went the filling, then the lid – crimped lightly around the edges and with a hole cut in the middle for the steam to escape. Sugar sprinkled on top, then into the oven at gas mark 7 for 10 minutes.

After about half hour at gas mark 5, the pie was ready. The filling was perhaps a little too liquid, but it tasted fantastic and was a beautiful dark red. The pre-cooking ensured the fruits were soft, and the sugar in the pastry (note: none added to the filling) was just the right amount. Everyone should learn how to make pies: they’re brilliant!

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