Two meals at d’Arrys

A recent trip to d’Arrys was a significant improvement on my last visit there. We started by sharing the baked Camembert and meat platter, which was excellent. The miniature Camembert was creamy and delicious and studded with just the right amount of garlic, and the meats – salami, chorizo, and prosciutto – suitably flavoursome. There were good green olives and large capers, too.


I ordered form the specials board for mine main course – tuna, monkfish, and scallop in a coconut sauce on pak choy with lemongrass rice. It was excellent : the scallop (singular) was disappointing, but the monkfish was good and the tuna – still pink in the middle – was fantastic. The rice, which was served in a minature Le Creuset casserole dish was also very good.


My friend ordered the smoked lamb, also from the specials menu, but decided on its arrival that he wasn’t hungry. Not being one to let food go to waste, I took one for the team and ate that too… It was tasty, and nicely pink inside. The smokey flavour was pretty good, but overall the lamb was a little too fatty for my liking. Which is odd, as it was apparently pan-fried and then roasted… It came with sautéed mushrooms and potatoes, which weren’t anything particularly special. We drank a Stump Jump with it, and I left feeling very full indeed!