Goes to figure


I noticed that the fig tree in my garden was beginning to leave windfalls in the ground. Windfall figs tend to break open due to the long fall, hard landing and soft fruit so there is often little that can be done to keep them, although on occasion I have eat then in the garden.

What they do indicate is a general readiness of fruit, so I got out a step ladder and a wicker basket and went climbing, collecting about 30 delicious looking figs.  If only I had a longer ladder the ones taunting me from the top of the tree – the biggest and ripest of them all – would have been mine too.  The tree is laden with more as yet unripe ones and I’ll be going back in a coupla days to restock.

Figs are relatively expensive in the supermarkets and I had forgotten just how delicious they are. They are deeply aromatic and floral (kind of like quinces when cooked… ish… maybe not). Amazingness. I enjoyed three this morning with plums and nectarines.

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