Abokado is a chain of fast, fresh and healthy food. It is bloody fantastic. They do amazing wraps, (both tortilla and rice and seaweed sushi style wraps), excellent tubs of hot noodle soups and delicious sushi trays such as the one I picked. The wraps are sold in¬†singles, unlike most places which will sell you a pair, the advantage of this is that I think three is about right, other places you’re stuck with a two or four situation. Also you can mix and match one california roll wrap with a teriyaki chicken one.

The price is right. It’s in the ball park of tesco (horrible) sushi, the above platter was ¬£5.99 and tasted brilliantly fresh and has touches that supermarket sushi could only dream of. I could wax lyrical about Abokado all day, but instead I think I’ll just pop into lunch and eat some.