Tube temperature control


To combat the intense London heatwave I picked up a tub of ice cold (back of the fridge) fruit juice before I plunged into the hellish bowls of the earth at Green Park tube. I also managed to position myself at the front of the carriage (car for my American friends) with the window open to blow cool refreshing tunnel air over me as the train swept through the soot covered tunnels.

I felt rather smug as people sweated around me giving my ice cold beverage jealous looks. To keep myself at the right temperature I drank the whole litre on my 15 minute journey and turned up nice and fresh for my meeting. Wherever the girl standing opposite me was going – she turned up with mascara streaming down her face as if she’d been crying all day.

Perhaps one day the London Underground will have the new-fangled air-conditioning invention and fruit juice sales will plummet.