Awana have Malaysian


Awana is a Malaysian restaurant in Chelsea. I went there for my birthday the other day. I started with a spicy (as hell, in a delicious way) soup which contained unusual clusters of mini fungi (pictured). The soup really was lovely. I followed it with a noodle dish.


Lovely flavours, can’t fault it. The wine was good too and the price was very reasonable (using a toptable discount).

However, the service was a bit off and when I asked the reception desk if I could have some soap (the lavatory had run out) the man behind it said ‘has it been stolen again? Why do you guys keep stealing the soap?’. Now… I know what he meant, clearly ‘you guys’ are the customers, and we’re all the same, and we’re all thieves… it struck a slightly discordant note which added to the wine waitress saying as she took our order ‘just a bottle of wine then?’ Yes… Just a bottle… thats where I usually start for a dinner for two!

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