Monsters from the deep

Good morning gastronauts! I speed off to Manchester later today, so just time for a quick post before I embarrass myself at New Year celebrations by drinking too much calvados. My camera has gone AWOL so apologies for not snapping what I made. I attach what remains of my mayonnaise which I made according to the recipe I described on the 18th.

I had some mashed potato left over so I opened a tin of tuna (which I’ve gone a bit mad for lately) and mixed them together with a little egg and some crème fraîche to bind. I fried them in olive oil and they came out huge and unsightly (so perhaps the missing camera is no loss). I made this mayonnaise to go on the side and I, as usual, bumped up the lemon juice. I also added English mustard before the oil because not only did I think the meaty tuna coould take it, but the yellowness of the finished product psychologically brings out the lemon flavour. Well, it does for me anyway. Quick and easy and worth bearing in mind if you want something filling to throw together on New Year’s morning.


P.S. Apologies for my undress. It is my habit to get dressed after breakfast, because frying in a suit is always a bad idea.