Eggs benedict with bacon-infused hollandaise

Eggs benedict

Not the prettiest picture in the world, but a very scrummy breakfast indeed. Infusing hollandaise with the flavour of bacon is no easy feat, but with lots of lemon makes for a really delicious sauce. I made the hollandaise in the usual way by putting an egg yolk and a little vinegar and lemon juice in a bain marie and cooking over low heat until it thickened. I fried the bacon in half a block of butter. The trick is to keep the heat low enough so that the butter doesn’t burn, but hot enough so the bacon cooks properly. Once I’d cooked the bacon I beat the melted butter into the thickened egg yolk drop by drop. I served it all up on a muffin with poached eggs.

I promise I will be taking a break from eggs for the next few posts! (Though as it happens we’ve got twenty-two of them to get through! Perhaps some baking is in order…)