After living like a monk: FISH!


Hello interwebby world! My apologies for my long absence but recently various composing projects have left me with little time to think of my gut and I have been living off beans on toast, etc. and had nothing of note to report (except the discovery of adding mustard to eggs when making scramblies: that’s incredible!)

Today, however, my inner gastronaut put the belly into rebellion and I sprung for a monkfish. Not a whole one. Just a bit of the tail. I grilled it and served it up with a scrummy pea velouté which I made from stock, shallots, garlic and peas – couldn’t be simpler! A little cress to finish and some boiled potatoes and I was as happy as a Benedictine on a booze cruise.

Now I’m just about to make pudding, so I’ll be back in a jiffy!