This isn’t one for the vegetarians…


My apologies for the phone picture. After spending a very long time on this dish I tucked straight in without photographing it. This is my friend Caleb getting a closer look. The dish was lobster thermidor, and we bought this lobster live from a cute little fishmonger on Gloucester Avenue. There is a lot of controversy regarding the best way to kill a lobster. Though sticking it in a pan of boiling water is ideal for the squeamish, I’m in favour of killing them instantly by driving a knife into the centre of the head just behind the eyes, severing the spinal cord and sparing the creature a lot of unnecessary suffering. I made a simple thermidor sauce from shallots, mustard, cream and white wine with a little tarragon for a complementary¬†aniseed tang. I harvested from the cooked lobster the edible parts (everything except the mouthparts, stomach, intestines and gills – the roe and green liver are perfectly delicious) and served in the traditional way: placed back in to the shell with the sauce poured on top. A marvellous fresh treat.


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