‘Tis the season to be foodie


I know, it is always the season to be foodie. But early summer yields some of my favourite goodies. I am currently doing some of the prep for a full-course birthday dinner I am cooking for a friend on Monday, so I have plenty of tasty bits and bobs taking up the fridge. I decided to try some of them out in this hodge-podge salad. There is a lentil flan (donated kindly by my aunt) crammed with red peppers and that is served with a simple side salad of lettuce, rocket, tomatoes and radishes. I made a basic vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and garlic and then allowed the oil and vinegar to separate. I drizzled a little of the oil onto the plate to moisten the bottom of the flan upon contact to give it a little extra kick of fresh garlic and olive flavour. Then I whisked together the vinaigrette and drizzled over the salad. Next I added a few rectangles of mature cheddar cheese and overlaid them on an oatcake. The brilliant purple drizzle you see is not the oft-used beetroot, but the cherry which is currently in season. I boiled the cherries in balsamic vinegar, a little sugar, brandy and lemon juice and reduced down, serving a couple of cherry halves on the cheese (topped with mini-sprigs of parsely) and dribbling a bit of the gorgeous thick, sweet juice around the plate. A few cubes of polony finished off the plate. The drink you see photobombing in the corner is a tisane of lemon, orange, mint, and bergamot. A lovely simple dish exploiting the wonderful flavours of early summer and a perfect light meal for soporific, humid days.

I will be sure to upload posts for all the courses in my ten-course extravaganza on Monday.