Cream tea


Today I was supposed to be preparing blueberry caviar for the salade des fruits d’été I shall be serving on Monday as the alternative to the traditional buffet-froid (my guest is not a huge meat fan). However, my local supermarket didn’t have agar agar (necessary for the spherification of the blueberry jelly) so I had to use gelatine and make half-spheres by dotting the jam onto a sheet of greaseproof paper with a syringe. Anyway, to return to the point, I was separating the juice from the solids which left me with a blueberry jam surplus to requirement. So I added sugar to double cream and beat it until it was thick, stuck the jam on some scones (donated by my aunt), topped with the cream and then finished with strawberries and raspberries. The jam was lovely! Blueberries can often make for too-runny jam, so sticking them through a muslin after boiling solves two problems: make jelly with the juice and jam with the solids! Simple.