Calvados and orange soufflé



Always a challenge to even the most experienced cooks, the soufflé is the perennial wowza of desserts. Light and fluffy, if you can get the sweetness right, the soufflé (a mix of roux and heavenly clouds of beaten egg whites) is absolutely divine. I made this one by adding calvados and a generous glug of Sicilian orange oil to the roux. I had a bit of a mishap when a yolk cracked and went into the egg whites, but with patient dedication I managed to hold onto it, pouring most of the whites into another bowl. As you can see it turned out all right! A bit lopsided, but still an impressive rise. I was relieved to say the least. The thing that made it really lovely was the sugar I beat into the whites. The recipe suggested only adding it to the yolks, but I find that makes the final mixture too dull. More sugar is definitely a plus.