Coq d’Argent (part one)

Snail shells

Last week I had dinner with a photographer friend at Cod d’Argent at 1 Poultry just across from Bank station. The restaurant has gained a reputation as the Beachy Head of London with a few notable instances of diners flinging themselves from the fifth floor terrace. Whatever their reasons might have been, it certainly wasn’t the food or the service. We both had escargot which were beautifully plump and drenched in garlic butter. A French classic and very well done.

We drank a 2011 J. Charles Pivot Beaujolais throughout the meal (two bottles) which was very light and easy drinking. Perfect for a summer lunch. The mark-up was considerable (around 300%) but the prix fixe menu was extremely reasonably priced so we couldn’t grumble too much that they wanted to make their money back. Here is a photo with one of the bottles we slaughtered:

Pivot Beaujolais Village

Courses two and three to follow.