Dinner at the Northall: Puds



Though these two desserts didn’t really work together in total harmony, they were both divinely decadent. On the right is a rasperry smear¬†with vanilla ice cream and little blobs of meringue. I am a great believer in the elegance of small plate dining but I would have been very happy for them to sacrifice elegance in favour of giving me a bucket full of this. Of course, I would have been uncomfortable full, but it would have been worth popping the buttons off my waistcoat for it. On the left is a raspberry and dark chocolate¬†mille-feuille, with some unidentified flowers. This, too, was an indulgence and I would have had a bucket full of this also.



Madsen had the cheese board and as I am not fond of cheese after a meal had some of the grapes. It looked delicious, though I imagine those crackers were a little on the dry side.

All in all it was a splendid dinner – really well thought-out by the chef and executed with flair and elegance. Service was excellent and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone (especially smokers, as they have a charming smoking area flanked by open fires which feels like a room in itself but is in fact a small courtyard).

Great stuff!