Oh dear, d’Arry’s – Cambridge

I went to d’Arry’s in Cambridge in October to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my Cambridge MPhil. Its a restaurant that we used to frequent regularly, until the service got so slow we had to leave one evening without evening (the gap between the starter and main courses was over one and a half hours!). Executing a second chance was a mistake. I ordered rack of lamb, expecting the usual array of small ribs cooked pink, soft and sweet. Instead I received three mutton chops as tough as old boots and cooked through. I had to ask for a steak knife to even cut it, and even then could only chew my way through half of it. My two companions fared no better with pork belly that could barely be chewed and a squid in pasta that simply overpowered the dish, and we all left wishing we’d gone somewhere else. Unless d’Arry’s does something about the quality of their food these days, people will. There are a variety of good quality restaurants popping up around Cambridge, we recommend Varsity or Trinity for good British food.