Lamb and onion pie with English vegetables

It could be diced lamb, but this time I chose minced lamb. I pre-cooked it on the hob until it was brown, then spooned off the fatty liquid. I fried the chopped red onions in a separate pan, then added them to the mince with a little water, powdered garlic and Italian spices. The pastry had 6 oz of white flour with a heaped spoon of bran added, and I used just about 3 oz of goose fat for shortening, although I could have used margarine. Pressing it with a fork against the sides of a bowl, I mashed it together until it had a crumb-like texture, then added just enough cold water to make a pliable dough.

I lined the bottom of a rectangular baking dish with pastry, filled it with the lamb and onion mix, then put the top on, wetting the sides so I could crimp it shut with a fork. I poured a little gravy into the two holes I made in the top, using a funnel. I brushed the top with beaten egg and baked it for 30 minutes in a 170 fan oven. When it was nearly ready I cooked new potatoes and sliced carrots for 8 minutes, and frozen garden peas for 2 minutes. I added gravy when serving it.