Gordon Ramsay at Bread Street Kitchen

Trying to find an ad-hoc table in the evening around Christmas time in the City of London is rather laborious due to the extreme amount of parties (most of the banks and insurance companies book out whole bars), we decided to go up-market. After getting turned away from Barbecoa we successfully gained Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen. We recently reviewed The Savoy Grill so were excited to try another Ramsay restaurant.

We were not disappointed!

Bread Street Kitchen has an amazing array of classic British dishes with some notable twists. The restaurant is vibrant, airy and modern with a good amount of attentive staff so we didn’t have to wait long at all.

I started by taking a look at the wine list as at least one of us intended to have steak as a main we thought we’d go for a red wine. They had the usual items you would expect such as Argentinian Malbec’s and one of my favourites, the Chateau Leoville-Barton but at £185.00 it was a little out of my budget for this particular evening. My dining partner thought we’d take an outside chance on the chilled Pinot Noir -it was ‘different’ and my friend seemed to enjoy it but I’m still not sure on the chilled red wine. Anyway, we had 3 bottles so it cant have been too bad! The exact name of the wine escapes me and i can’t seem to find it on their online menu, from my rather fuzzy memory it was around £40 a bottle.

We elected to try two starter dishes and share. Tamarind Chicken Wings and in-shell Scallops were on the menu so we ran with those. The wings were some of the best chicken wings I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The tamarind was tangy but not too overpowering and although the wings were covered completely the sauce wasn’t too viscous meaning my hands were not covered with black gloop. The Scallops were served in their shells and were exactly what we expected; meaty and not too stringy; browned on the top and bottom – perfectly cooked.

My dining partner really wanted a steak, so i decided to join him. Break Street Kitchen has an array of steaks by weight including the Tomahawk. I’d not had a Tomahawk so was extremely looking forward to it. Unfortunately, due to it being late in the day and all meat being fresh they had sold out of the 600g Tomahawk so we had to have a 1100g Beef Rib, medium rare. It was cooked perfectly! The meat melted in your mouth, there was a slight salting on top which perfectly complemented the dish. My only criticism was the potato dish that accompanied it, it was rather spicy and really did overpower the meat, however, at 1100g there was plenty to keep me occupied.

Overall we had an amazing time and would wholeheartedly recommend you to try Break Street Kitchen. You can’t really compare Break Street Kitchen to the Savoy Grill as the atmosphere is very different but please, do try them both.