The Salt Pig – Cambridge

Madsen and I recently dined twice at The Salt Pig in Cambridge’s Green Street. Before our first visit i was extremely excited as there had been some hype about this restaurant opening. We arrived and were given a table in the window.

We started off with a bottle of house red which was served in a decanter from what i assume was a bag-in-box red wine.. no problem as it keeps oxygen out of the wine and keeps it fresher. The wine was nothing to rave about, but drinkable.

I elected for a Tuna Tartare, which is one of my favourite dishes. What i was presented with was small chopped chunks of raw Tuna with capers – exactly as it should be. However, there was at least 2cm thick of tomatoes (and avocado) at the base, this extremely overpowered the Tuna and pretty much ruined the whole experience for me. I removed the thick layer of chopped tomatoes and avocado and tried to flag down a waiter to bring me some salt and pepper to season to taste; this whole process took more than ten minutes so got up and collected one from another table. Maybe i just picked the wrong day and dish. Madsen had the Monkfish served with fennel. The fish was meaty as Monkfish tail should be, the sauce it was served with was gooey and complimented the fish well.

Madsen only wanted the main course so we moved directly on to that, Madsen went for the flat iron steak which was served on a board and sliced into medium strips. The meat was cooked medium-rare and was seasoned with salt to taste. The meat was cooked perfectly and would have no issue with ordering the steak again. The meat melted in your mouth but also had a little bit of bite. I decided to go with my Spanish favourite, Iberico Pork. Iberico Pork should be a little rarer on the inside and have a firm outer edge and cut into portions. The pork was cooked perfectly and had a great texture, it had some chew to it but could easily be sliced with a standard knife. Since going back to the Salt Pig again, they have removed the Iberico Pork from the menu, which is a great shame.

For dessert, we went for a cheese trolly. – we picked six kinds of cheese and were presented with a selection of biscuits and quince jelly.