Kofte at Troia


Two of us went to Troia, a Turkish restaurant near Waterloo Station in London.  While we surveyed the menu we drank Monterio, a Spanish temperanillo (red) at 13 percent, and ate bread and what I usually call tsatziki.   That more or less decided us against fish, so I ordered inergol kofte, spicy minced lamb.  It came with salad, rice and a bowl of very hot spicy relish which was superb with it – provided you only put small quantities on.


My dining companion ordered Iskender, named, I think, after Alexander the Great.  It had lamb, minced lamb and chicken, with yoghurt on top,  and was said to be “pretty good.”  After a glass of Tulbagh Winery merlot at the nearby Archduke wine bar, we popped back into Troia to pay them for the wine they’d omitted from the bill without us spotting it the first time.

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