Seriously Italian – Duke of York Square *****

There is a food market every Saturday outside Partridge’s on Duke of York Square. Every other Saturday, Seriously Italian have a stall. The pasta is seriously good. Six pounds gets you a portion of home made pasta, with delicious fresh sauces that burst with the flavours of spring. The pasta is honestly better than many of the fancy formal Italian restaurants in the area, but for a fraction of the cost.

The stall chefs are always very welcoming. The pasta is so good, that the queue of customers struggle to pick which one to order. This is no problem, as they’ll allow you to split a portion between two or three options, or have a little taste first.

They also sell fresh pasta and sauces for home use – I must recommend their pistachio pesto.

Rating: 5/5


The Market:

Seriously Italian garlic pesto pasta Duke of York Square marketSeriously Italian stall Duke of York Square market


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